Hi, I’m Shira!

Here is the “long version” of my story and how MomBeyondBaby was born.

I started my first “official” diet at the age of 13 after watching my parents try every “plan” out there. You know, South Beach, Cabbage Soup, Atkins., Slim Fast to name a few. I had grown up as an overweight child and was also known as Thunder Thighs or Buttercup.

I became a Weight Watchers regular and finally starting to see success. By success, I mean that I learned how to manipulate the points system so that I would be deemed worthy on the weekly weigh in.

I started to have friends. A social life. And even my first real boyfriend as I headed into middle school.

Somewhere in there I found exercise and started to realize that by putting in hours of exercise and eating less I would become smaller and thinner. In my head, smaller was better. When I got smaller, my life got better.

Fast forward to college

At the University of Florida and my obsession with my body overtook my life.

From strict diets to over exercising to diet pills I found myself with anorexia, starving my body so that I could be thin. If only I could get to THAT place I would keep telling myself.

I got to that place. And it was never enough. I always wanted more.

I continued on until I had my first grand mal seizure in my sleep and came *this* close to losing my life. We think because of the amount of Metabolife (a diet pill from the 90’s with ephedra) but that’s not the point.

I was faced with losing my life because of my obsession with the size of my body.

I had brain surgery and was forced to take seizure meds which have some serious side effects (the main being weight gain).

From there I was once again faced with being in *that* place and needing to lose the weight.

But this time, it was even worse. My grandma (my rock) also passed away that same year so to me, my life was out of control.

But I knew just the thing that I could control. My body. I was really good at this, I told myself. So I got back “on”, started to starve my body (again) and overexercise (hours and hours a day). I stood in the mirror at 95 pounds having to shop at children’s stores for my clothes.
But I still was not happy.

My body was starved. It was tired. It had osteoporosis. It was injured. It was sad and lonely. But it was skinny.

Yet I still wanted more.

As you are probably guessing, my body could no longer hang on and right as my mother tried to Baker Act me I moved across the country to work in fitness full time. A dream come true or so I thought.

My body could no longer hang on and fought back. After over a decade of anorexia, I was faced with a hard rebound. I gained weight. ALOT of weight.

Only this time my body would not respond to starvation.

My hormones were wrecked.

My metabolism was shot. My thyroid was a mess. I was puffy, sad and completely lost.

But more than that I had no idea what to do. I was so desperate to fix my body.

Fast forward to meeting my now husband Trent and wanting to have a baby. All of a sudden I needed my body to do something OTHER than become a number of fit into a certain pair of jeans.

I wanted it to grow a human.

From that moment on, I started to see my body as capable. As something so much more than the diet or plan.

The body that I have now has grown and labored two humans, can squat over 200 pounds, can do pull ups and can run fast.

THIS is what it’s about.

After becoming a mom,

I realized how much of life I had missed because of my need to look a certain way. And no matter what the scale said I was never happy. In fact, I have never been more miserable than I was at my lowest weight.

I started MomBeyondBaby in 2013 while pregnant with my daughter, Sydney hoping to reach moms and show them the “other side.”

The goal remains the same as it is today. To teach moms how to become their best as a mom. The mission is to teach moms that we do not need to be fixed because we are not broken.

The system is what is broken. The plans, the diets, the rules, the BS programs. All of it promising false hopes that when we get “there” something magical happens.

I am proof that nothing happens when we get *there*.

I am also proof that you can, in fact, be your best as a mom. You can be your fittest, you can build a business, you can create a life you love and you can eat food you enjoy without guilt.

I want you to know that you can do this. You deserve this. No matter where you are right now, you are only one meal and one workout away from being “on.”

A few things you might not know about me:

My life is far from balanced. I focus on what matters most to me: my family and my business. So in a nutshell, I don’t cook or clean.

I cannot and do not enjoy cooking. I burn toast. My husband does all of the cooking in our house or we get take out.

You will always find me in a ponytail with a headband.

I have no desire to have visible abs. I am not willing to “do what it takes” to get them.

My favorite food groups: coffee, chocolate, and protein shakes 🙂

 I have a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and got a lot of crap for not “using my degree” when I started my business. I spent 10+ years teaching and can teach a child to read pretty easily.

I am a very proud University of Florida graduate and alum. You know what they say, we bleed orange and blue.

I have run over 200 races and every distance from 5K to marathon. I actually love to run alone and like to hear my feet hitting the pavement.

Mountains and trails make me happy.