Hi, I’m Shira.

Welcome to MomBeyondBaby where I teach moms how to become their best self and live a life of fulfillment. I am all about simplifying the process and making it doable for moms to take action and get results so they can live life with their kids rather than on the sidelines. I don’t preach a one size fits all approach or promote any quick fix programs because I’ve lived that life and it’s basically BS. We don’t need to be fixed, we need to learn sustainable habits that can be implemented into our daily chaotic lives so we have the mental energy to focus on everything else. You have to do this. For you and for them.

What is a MomBeyondBaby? (Shira’s definition)

A MomBeyondBaby is a mom like you who got a little lost when she became a mom. Being a mom is so rewarding but we can all agree that it can get a little messy. Suddenly we have a little human(s) depending on us and we put ourselves and our own needs last. In a nutshell, we forget about our own oxygen masks and suddenly find ourselves staring in the mirror at someone who we no longer know.

MomBeyondBaby is founded on the idea that we as moms MUST take care of ourselves so we can be the best for everyone else. We must wear our own hat so that we can be the woman we desire to be. But more than that, the big mission is to reach all of the young boys and girls who are looking up to YOU and watching your every move. To instill healthy habits that allow you to focus your mental energy on them and not the calories, minutes of exercise or size of your pants. It starts with us. And I am on a mission to change the conversation and transform as many moms as I can to become what I call a MomBeyondBaby.

Thank you for being here.

I’m here for you as both a mentor and as a friend.

I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want the MomBeyondBaby experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including me.

I firmly believe that I’m not special, just a mom like you who works hard and enjoys sharing my experience to help others. I don’t have it all together, I am not “balanced” by any sense of the word. I just put myself on the list. In everything I do here with MomBeyondBaby, I truly want to make a difference in the lives of your you and your family.

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